Saturday, April 11, 2015


Something pretty great has happened in the Webb world--my sister Emily has moved in with Peter and I! We are thrilled to have her joining our little home and it’s already been a blast. She’s taken the room I had originally planned to use as my Art Room/Office… but after being at our house almost a year and a half I really hadn’t taken much time to set it up or use it at all, so the space was open and we decided to go for it!

It’s been interesting to see the mixed responses I’ve gotten. A lot of people have been hesitant--for good reason. Taking in a housemate is a big deal and lots of people don’t mix well. The fact is though, there truly isn’t another person I’d feel more trusting and comfortable with living with us than my sister. We understand each other very well, her and Peter get along phenomenally, and she’s going to be giving us some very welcome help with WorshipArts, too!

The plan is she’ll be with us at the very least until the end of the summer. I wouldn't be surprised if she stays longer though--unless of course England or Canada or some other foreign land catches hold of her wanderlust. =)
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