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First Love Fall

There is something grand about our God--He will use any moment to make a new beginning. He loves creating opportunities for us to start anew. Each year, each season, each month, each week--every morning, His mercies are new!

There is a hunger in my soul--I want to love God deeply, authentically, consistently. He has been stirring this in my heart. It’s not enough to just fit Him in. But honestly? I’m afraid. Afraid I’ll start this goal and drop it like so many others. I’m even afraid of the vulnerability it takes to share this publicly. It’s a risk to open this up and tell you about it.  Yet the treasure, that intimacy with God, is worth the seeking. And it’s worth sharing with you, in the hopes that my story will encourage you to pursue God more.

And that’s what I see, when I look around me--I see that I’m not the only one that wants this deeper relationship with God. We want to go back to that first love--that radical, life changing love where God is a fire in our soul. I believe th…

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