Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wedding - 21 Days

Friends, the wedding is in 21 short days.


Things have been bustling around here getting ready for the big day. Here's some updates:

  • 360 People have RSVPed to our wedding! It's gonna be a huge party. Holy cow.
  • Thankfully Gordons Food Service is saving the day with the cost of food per person being seriously affordable. However, we are no longer having ice cream.
  • Instead of ice cream, we are going to try and get a dance floor! Pretty excited about that! 
  • Some lovely ladies from College & Career have stepped up to handle the food prep. Yay!
  • Ribbon is expensive. Definitely had no idea that would be the majority of the decorating expense. 
  • The centerpieces have been decided and look lovely! The bridesmaids are all (miracle there, usually one or two have conflicts when we do stuff lol) coming over at 11 today and we are assembling more decor!
  • We had our first pre-marriage counseling meeting on Wednesday. It is in a cool setting--three couples who are engaged meet together with two married couples. We are allowed to ask questions throughout and its more of a discussion then a lecture, which is wonderful.
  • Trying to finish two books before the wedding--The Act of Marriage and I Promise You. Hopefully it'll happen!
  • Working on thank you notes--I have probably about 30+ more to send, thanks to the 20+ ladies who came to my Webb Family shower, the 40 who came to my HPA shower, and the 40+ who came to my church shower! I have been truly showered with love--thank you everyone!
  • I have also learned that when you use a budget, it really helps to update it constantly. And I didn't do that. Which increased our budget about $1200. Whoops... 
  • I was pretty emotional this week, but Peter's been on my case about getting enough sleep (which for me is an obnoxiously long 8-9 hours...) and since I've been doing it I've felt so much better! Yay for an awesome fiancĂ©! 
In a nutshell, life in pretty crazy right now, but I'm trying to love every minute. =)

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

There's A Party Here In Michigan

For my wedding announcement at church, we said "Tori and Peter are finally getting married!" Every time I hear that I think of the song from Aladdin, and then as I listened to it today, I thought it was fun to substitute "Michigan" for "Agrabah" and "Tori and Peter" for Jasmine and Aladdin." Some of my more creative friends could rewrite other verses to make it more applicable, but I don't have time for that. Enjoy!

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Blog Journal

Unfortunately It is just not going to be possible for me to continue the Theme-A-Day blog journal. I may pick it up again later but honestly with the wedding I just can't prioritize the blog like I was hoping. Thank you to everyone who was reading them and I hope you can keep reading as I start to update more (hopefully) about the wedding!

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