Friday, April 25, 2014

My Life These Days

Friends. Spring is finally showing up! It’s been a winter for the record books here in Michigan, and I am *so happy* that the sun is out, flowers are appearing, and I finally don’t need to wear a coat every time I leave the house!

Since January, I’ve been working second shift most days, because that aligns with Peter and the WorshipArts schedule. It’s been very different--our average day starts at between 9 and 11 AM, we get to work at around 1-3 PM, and then we leave the church between 9 and 10 PM, and then we work on projects or spend time together until 12-2 AM.

It’s been interesting to see the pros and cons develop to this schedule. Definite pros are being with Peter more, only taking one trip to church and back (we only have one vehicle) each day, and staying up late and sleeping in late--it’s nice to have that schedule without the guilt I’ve had for falling into it in past seasons. Some of the cons have been surprising. I didn’t realize that I did most of my errands as well as most of my time visiting with my girl friends during WorshipArts in the evenings. Those things have been put off even more than in the past seasons, when it was hard enough to make grocery shopping a priority, for example. It’s also been much more difficult for me to help out at WorshipArts, because I’ve scheduled myself to get my hours in for New Day during all the practices.

What I really love though? Spending so much time with my husband. It’s been fantastic to be around for spontaneous brainstorm sessions, to be able to help him design graphics right when he comes up with the idea, and enjoy breakfasts together every morning (during the traditional dinner time, he’s teaching--so it’s been a nice change to have a consistent meal together every day).

I’ve also really enjoying getting acquainted with the “tumblr-verse” in this season of life. There are some really phenomenal people on there. My favorite thing, surprisingly enough, is that it’s not as personal as Facebook. People follow and unfollow people all the time, and it’s not a huge deal. And the best thing has turned out to be the questions feature. People ask some really deep, intense things and God has been giving Peter and I opportunities to speak into people’s lives. I wish I had time and energy to answer all the questions, but we do as many as we can. It’s been a really cool experience.

There are just a few weeks left in our WorshipArts season, so I’m in for another routine change in a few weeks. It’ll be a blessing to have our evenings open up a bit before we dive into three solid weeks of camps in July. And let me tell you--the fact that more and more sunshine is in my future is definitely putting a smile on my face. I’m ready for you, summer!
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