Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Ramp Georgia 2011

This past weekend Peter, myself, and thirty-five others encountered God is powerful and life-changing ways at Winter Ramp 2011 in Dalton, Georgia.

I was overwhelmed by God's love and the power of passionately pursuing Christ. Honestly, so much happened and I feel like I am still digesting everything I received! I plan to write more in depth about the sessions, who featured well known speakers and leaders Perry Stone, Damon Thompson, Karen Wheaton, Dutch Sheets, and Chosen (an amazing ministry team). I also hope to share about some new worship leaders who shepherded encounters that I had with Christ with wisdom, joy and passion--Catherine Mullens, Bryn Waddell, and Rick Pino.

There were two themes that stuck out to me throughout this event. First, that we truly serve One Lord--the One True God. Even though the ministry of the Ramp was full of speakers I had never heard of, that probably were not at all connected with the stream of ministers and focuses I grew up on, the themes were the same. For example, Rick Pino spent his first worship set completely focused on tearing down the spirit of orphans and slaves and coming into our identity as sons and daughters. His message was that of the Father Heart, the core of the Toronto Blessing, which was so clear as they sang "Abba, Abba" over and over. The intimacy of Jesus and love for Him was another huge focus (which I've seen greatly in the IHOP stream) and the power of the Holy Spirit and miracles (a major theme at Bethel in CA) was also evident. And just like the Awakening Jesus Culture Conference earlier this year, Winter Ramp was all about getting youth zealous with a honed goal of spreading Christ and His life-changing power everywhere we go. Truly, He is one Big God and He moves consistently among His children, no matter where they are or who they know.

The other major focus of Winter Ramp was the utmost importance of developing and maintaining your own personal prayer life with God. Without it, you are dried up and you choose to limit how much God can do in your life by not letting Him in faithfully. I hope to write about this more in depth soon, because God has been doing lots in my life in this area!

If you're interested in a play-by-play of Winter Ramp Georgia (December 29th-31st, 2011), you can check out my husband's blog (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3).
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