Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello, internet world!

I have been long absent—thrust into the world of wedding preparations and swept away in the bliss of marriage! But ladies and gentlemen, I'm back, and I hope to inform you on my adventures this past month and hopefully develop a habit of writing here frequently.

But first, a little summary of my doings since mid June.

Wedding preparations were hectic, crazy, and wonderful. My ladies in waiting (Team Devoted Bridesmaids!) were completely fabulous. I doubt there has ever been another group of girls so fantastic at assisting their bride and pulling off a wedding that had over 400 people in attendance. There was no drama worth speaking of, and they all worked so excellently together! Each of them is soaked in the Holy Spirit and Christ shines through in everything they do, so how could anything but a smooth wedding ensue? Thank you so much Lindsay, Emily, Caitlin, Abby and Hannah—I couldn't have done it without you!

The decorations were all assembled by those willing ladies hands (bubbles and candles with ribbon, vases with sugar [cheaper than white sand!], ribbon and bells with daisies, tulle with lights, etc.), the flowers were put together by more volunteers, the food was prepared and enhanced by the amazing Cyr/Tafil clan (my best friend's family, truly my second family!) and other extra hands from my church family, the awesome music was chosen by another dear childhood friend, pictures were taken (AMAZINGLY) by two other fabulous people—truly, all of the details came together spectacularly!

And through it all Peter and my anticipation grew as we grew closer together! God was moving deeply in our hearts and every day our love has grown stronger. Our wedding was perfect, and I loved every moment of becoming Mrs. Webb! I cannot wait to write about the wonderful things God has done in my heart through the experience of preparing for the wedding and learning what it means to be a married woman.

(More pictures to come!!)

We are currently moved into our new apartment, and we are mostly settled in, except for sorting our office, which is in the cluttered state that happens to one room or another in the aftereffects of a move.

One unfortunate fact, for the sake of my blog, is that we do not have internet at our apartment. This means I probably won't be very good at staying too up-to-date on all of your wonderful lives for a while, at least until I can schedule time at a coffee place where I will read blogs. On the other hand, Peter and I have taken up hobbies that we wouldn't have done with the convenient hobby of web-surfing constantly at our fingertips. Also, we spend more time directly focusing on each other and taking care of our things, which has been so good! So I am going to try writing my posts ahead of time and uploading them when I have internet. I hope it goes well, because I have missed writing!

Until next time, dear readers,

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