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I’m Tori, welcome to my little journal of life.

I believe in community, and I know the power that comes when people join together under the name of Jesus. I believe in people, and that through the Holy Spirit, we can become all we were created to be. I believe in honoring the process of growth. And I believe I’m not who I want to be quite yet, and that there is grace in for all the ways I fall short as I work to submit to Jesus more fully each day.

Will you join me on this journey? I would love to share my story with you.

The first two decades of my life I built a foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ, which prepared me well for the trials I would face. Raised as a pastor’s daughter, I experienced a close-knit church family that showed me what healthy community can look like in the body of Christ. I am the oldest of four, and together my sister and brothers spent many years exploring, learning together through homeschooling, and adventuring around the world, thanks to my parent’s value of travel and missions.

In 2001 I met Peter Webb, when I was 11 and he was 10. Our families became friends through the common bond of faith and practice of homeschooling, and over the years his patience, intelligence, work ethic, kindness and love for Jesus won me over--we were married in 2010. Together we spent our early years of marriage pouring into our shared loved for the Bride of Christ, the church. Peter founded WorshipArts in 2009, and together we have built a community of youth who are trained to use their gifts and skills in worship, speaking, drama and media for Christ and His Kingdom, serving youth from over 40 local congregations. I have worked for my church since 2007, ramping up to becoming the Church Administrator soon after we got married, and changing positions to a solely print, design and social media focus in recent years.

Over the years, God continued to deepen and widen my relationship with Him. In 2011, tragedy struck our family when my brother-in-law Aiden, passed away after battling mitochondrial disease. Watching my family journey through grief was deep and hard, yet showed me how trustworthy and true our God is. In 2013 we went through a stretching season in the process of buying a house (and spent three months living with our in-laws) while loved ones were dealing with some deep hurts, yet still trusting in God. Though those aren’t my stories to tell, walking alongside them as they fought their battles broke my heart, which God put back together to make it stronger in all the ways I would need later on.

We started trying to get pregnant around 2012. While we were relaxed about it and unrushed, my own health issues made it more difficult than we expected, and this became a private struggle for us. In 2015, three years later, God blessed us when we conceived our precious girl, who was born in 2016. My recovery was unusually difficult, and the first month of Esther’s life I needed a lot of help. Also during my pregnancy, I also faced an unexpected season of deep hurt and struggle with God--that year was full of my highest highs and lowest lows of my life at the time, but His faithfulness sustained me and I learned to lean into Him when life doesn’t make sense.

When Esther was 11 months old, Peter and I received the most life shattering news. Peter had cancer. I wrote all throughout his cancer battle. After multiple admissions to the hospital for extreme pain, two surgeries, twelve weeks of intense chemotherapy (with a few more ER visits thrown in), and three more surgeries, Peter was declared cancer-free four and a half months later (writing that is shocking, because it felt like a full year). The reality is, he was unwell and fighting cancer for many months before the diagnosis, and the recovery took many months as well. Through all of the battles we faced in 2016 and 2017, my community came through for me in ways that astounded us. That love God gave us for the bride of Christ, his Church? She loved us back in a way more powerful than words could really describe. That year and a half of our lives broke us down in ways I didn’t know possible, but the joy and faithfulness of Jesus Christ molded and transformed us into different people, the ones we are today.

Today I am learning what life looks like as the mom of a bright, joyful little girl, wife of a passionate, kind, hard-working teacher and entrepreneur, friend of people who are actual precious jewels, and when all the extras are stripped away, I will always be the beloved daughter of Father God.

Thank you for hearing my story, and I hope that as you read more here, you will see a hunger for more of God grow in your life, just as it continues to grow in mine.


Hannah said…
Thank you for sharing Tori! I look forward to reading more. I'm glad there is another way I can keep up with you!

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