October: diving into so many worship events, playing board games, seeing family. Getting overwhelmed, stepping back, savoring the moment. Discovering pumpkin pie spice and adding it to every coffee, smoothie and soup I come in contact with. Delighting in Esther’s long hair and adorable giggles. Playing an online battle app game on my phone with Peter. Trying to cook more at home instead of going out. Going through drive through a occasionally and justifying it with coupons.

Visiting the zoo, nature center and library. Restarting my LipSense in a more moderate way, working on projects for New Day. Making some intentional but simple decor changes at home to help me be happier about spending more time there. Dealing with some deep things and trying to zoom in enough to not miss these special moments. My daughter singing every day. Precious, joyful, challenging, worth showing up for. Find the good and cling to it people. 👊🏻


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