I'm Tori Webb, And I've Got Dreams

I’m Tori Webb, and I’ve got big dreams. I sometimes feel stuck in the mundane, which is one reason I love to take pictures: it forces me to remember the good and to keep my eyes open for the beauty. The pictures then equip me to show others that life is beautiful, worth recording, and worth living.

If I spend too much time home alone with my sweet and kind two-year-old, I feel like I’m an old iPhone running the newest operating system and my battery just dies SO fast trying to keep up with her smarts and my ridiculous expectations for myself. So I try to do things like this—get out! 😄 Say big, enthusiastic “Yay!!!”’s every day, celebrate curiosity and kindness, and notice the details—stuff I want my girl to grow up and do herself.

Being a momma is my full-time job right now, and I’ll be honest, homemaking doesn’t come naturally to me. But loving and caring? I can do that. So yeah, the house isn’t that orderly. My kitchen is rarely “instagramable.” And I do more than just motherhood—because real talk, if I don’t my energy is zapped and I’m not a kind person, let alone a kind mom. I work at my church part time. I love make up and sell it, too. I like being artistic, and while lately that’s been hard to find time for, I do try to incorporate it into mommy-life. I’m also working on taking back control of my eating and fitness, and since summer 2017 I’ve lost 22lbs. I am constantly working on personal growth, both spiritually and mentally. I believe having good goals is important to growth.

One thing I know: my story isn’t done yet, so I’m going to keep moving forward. And that’s true for you, too, and what I want my life to say: Hang onto hope. You’re still in the middle of your story. It’s not done yet. Look around you for the good, say yes to something new if that’s what you need, or say no to something good if it’s really not the right season for it. Your story isn’t over, and thanks to God’s grace, what you really need might be waiting for you on the very next page.


Jerry said…
Hang onto hope. I'll hang onto that! Happy Thanksgiving Webb's!

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