Esther - 26 Months

The last month Esther went through a tricky season. She had a lot of defiance and obedience issues. But I had a feeling that she was about to grow: and it happened again with her vocabulary. This kid loves to talk and carries on and initiates conversations and imaginative play all the time now!

In the last few days I think we’ve hit a breakthrough and she has been sweeter than pumpkin spice latte, let me tell you. She has even asked me, “Hey momma, can we talk for a little while?” MELT. MY HEART. Today we pulled up to Target and she goes, “Target! A big circle with a little circle inside!” Start ‘em young, right? 😉 I could tell you story after story of little things she says and does (“momma, say, “goodnight PRINCESS” 😂😂). She says “thank you” more than I do! 😳 She knows more of the lyrics to “How Far I’ll Go” than I do. She is at home on a stage, and she loves to play. Her singing voice is the sweetest thing, and she makes up songs everyday.

Reading is her favorite, and she still likes quiet time alone with her books in her crib (score!). She asks to help with chores, cooking and playing games. 😊 it’s really hard to slow down and go her pace, but every time I do it’s worth it. We’ve been working on potty training for a few months, and just in the last few days she’s started telling me before she goes, especially when we are out of the house (apparently public restrooms are more fun than ours?? #socialmuch).

Esther, you’re the funnest two year old I’ve ever met. Thank you for filling my life with joy, new opportunities to grow, and your sweet spirit. I love you! Happy Belated 26 Months kiddo!


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