Pockets of Sweetness

Life as a Momma is way different. A lot more time spent peacekeeping than sipping a coffee in peaceful silence.

This week has been a lot of training in manners, working on asking for things with a “polite sentence,” learning that when mom says something we need to obey immediately, and doing my best to be strong with the boundaries I know she needs, but she clearly doesn’t think she wants.

After many days of rallying all my emotional strength to be as consistent as I can be, and many nights staring at a messy house with no gusto in me to get it clean, her sudden happy countenance, willful obedience, and helpful heart yesterday and today was like a breath of fresh air.

Chances are momma friends, YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT. That’s what this little pocket of sweetness felt like—a reminder that she’s really a sweet, happy little human and she’s going to turn out just fine. Stick it out. Grace for yourself in the process. Pray for them and you again and again. It’s gonna be okay. 👍🏻


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