Esther - One Month

Esther is one month old! After a rough first week, which she handled like a champ, she is now in the 92nd percentile for weight, at 11 lbs 4 oz! Life as the littlest Webb is pretty great--talking with momma or daddy is her favorite.

She has started to coo and loves it when we mimic her sounds! She's bright eyed and loves to stare deep into our eyes--when she's not doing her full-time job of sleeping. 😊 Bath time is so relaxing for her (if she has a full tummy!) and she loves worship music, especially listening to Kristene DiMarco (or momma) sing Bethel's "It Is Well" on repeat (girl's got good taste, what can I say 😉).

She attended her first WorshipArts Drama Night, took her first road trip to Ohio, and had her first professional photoshoot with Annette Walker and Breathing Moments Photo (before she started to lose her newborn hair--which is looking quite grandpa-ish right now 😂).


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