Friday Introductions

Why, hello there, friend! I've decided to join in on Friday Introductions on Instagram with @laraacasey, @jessaconnolly and @lifelivedbeautifully! I thought it could be good to post this on my blog, too. (I'd love to see you on there--find me @torikwebb!)

I'm Tori Webb, and I'm blessed to live a full life loving and serving people because of my wonderful savior, Jesus Christ. I work part time at my amazing church, @newdaycommunity, as the Administrator, which means I'm honored to wear a dozen different hats depending on whatever is needed. I love bringing people together to love each other and love Jesus. I also help my husband Peter lead @worshipartscentral. We train youth to use their gifts to strengthen the local church and further the Kingdom of God. It is a joy to see the next generation running after the Lord with such abandon! 

Fun fact about me? I love iPhone photography and iPhone editing apps. I have been known to use upwards of 6 apps to make one picture! It's been fun to see how far I've come from my first pictures years ago to where I am today, and I can't wait to continue growing this skill and hobby. 

Today's question is, "how do you like your coffee?" Oh, friends. I love it sweet, creative and complicated! My #1 fave is the Dirty Spicy Chockra Boom from @waterstreetcoffeejoint. That's a chai, made with spicy tea and chocolate milk, with shots of espresso. Yes, it does have a high probability of becoming your favorite drink, too. 😉

Here's to a weekend savoring the moments, friends! 


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