Bucket Vs. Pipe

Two months ago, my co-worker and her husband moved away to pursue the next step in their adventures with Jesus. Her gifting is people-centric, she is a natural friend to anyone she meets, and she knows how to love people with excellence. With her leaving, I was encouraged to delegate some of my responsibilities so I had room to be more people focused, instead of the behind the scenes, computer work etc., that I have done thus far.

I feel like this season has been a rapid one, where I feel like I’ve switched from being a “bucket” to a “pipe.” I used to be a bucket that would receive from Christ, hold it for a while, pour out into others, and then go back to get filled. Now I feel like a pipe that is constantly being pour into, yet is also constantly pouring out. It’s definitely good. But I find myself having moments thinking, “I feel empty...wait, no, that’s not right--I do feel God right now--it’s just a very different state of being.” I’m used to carrying something for a while before I give it away. To have more time to process before I’m pouring out. But this pipe thing makes a lot of sense--I’m touching more and more people, yet not going dry!

It seems that God likes to make His changes bigger and more drastic these days. I have become more “people focused” in all areas of my life, not just at my church and job--which I didn’t expect.

Just yesterday I have the opportunity to help a different church that is restarting Sunday morning services brainstorm ways to make their building fresh, inviting, and more worshipful. I could seriously do this every day. I loved looking at their space and having ready ears to listen to idea after idea as they came to me. I love creating spaces that nurture community, that point people to love each other and love God. I love doing everything I can to take down little barriers the enemy may use to distract people from God’s heart--even something as simple as a map can help people feel more at ease and welcome, and can silence the enemy from planting lies like, “you’re an outsider” or “you’re not welcome here.” I love making room for children to worship, and for families to enter the presence of God in community!

Yesterday I also met with a friend who is pursuing the adventure God has given her to go on a journey, and I was able to bless her with my skills with blogging and social networks. I love that things I do, often for fun and in my down time, can be taught to others to directly further the Kingdom of God. It is so life-giving to use what I’ve been given, what I’ve learned, to help others pursue their dreams!

And honestly, that’s what it comes down to: serving others is the focus of this season, and when I’m doing that I’m making my King smile. He is clearly reminding me to make time for Him first, so that the flow of living water keeps coming down my pipe. And as that water flows, even though at times it’s stressful and feels overwhelming, He will overwhelm me with more than enough provision for whatever is at hand! What joy!


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