Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Dip, swipe, press, snip, stitch, wrap, tape, mix, bake--these along with "Go Tell it On the Mountain," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "The First Noel," and other holiday classics filled my days leading up to our Christmas celebrations.

Then dinner with extended family: the hustle and bustle, the smiles and introductions with your grandmother's extended family who many only half know (and I have never met). Aromas drift through the air--from both delectable treats, as well as through the conversation, giving a taste into each person's life. "Really, they are married now? How time flys." "Yes, well, coming from Australia, being in the United Kingdom is practically in your neck of the woods so I stopped by." "His new haircut really makes him look so hip." "We are so blessed he was protected." "Oh look at you, how'd you manage to sit at the young table?"

Hubs with his new coat and Skyrim
Then Christmas Eve morning, and my man and I have our own sweet Christmas celebration together. After days upon days of jesting and certainty that we each got the other the best gifts this year, the anticipation was not uncalled for: I received some gorgeous riding style boots and my very own sewing machine(!!), and my husband loves his Jack Bower coat and Skyrim video game.

We enjoyed some amazing homemade french toast from yours truly, and enjoyed finishing up some gifts for our family during the afternoon. Then we spent the evening with my parents, sister, brothers, grandma and great-grandmother exchanging a few gifts and sharing my mom's traditional Christmas dinner together--green bean casserole, Sam's Ham, and amazing hashbrown casserole. I made one of my favorite Christmas treats--Bonoffee Pie (I hope to share the recipe here some day--it's incredible.)

Christmas Eve Dinner with my Family
As the sun was rising Christmas morning we returned to my parent's home to share in gift giving with my family. My family makes quick and delightful work of opening gifts and it is always a wonderfully fun time. We opened more than we expected to receive--including the super surprising gift of my parents buying our tickets to go to Walt Disney World with the family in February!!! Next we worshipped our amazing Savior together at church, and after receiving an exciting gift to each other (and mainly WorshipArts) I'll tell you about soon, we headed out to Grandma Webbs to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with the family opening a plethora (read, over 100) gifts together with another group of Peter's family.  Smiles, laughs, crinkling paper, the pop of plastic toy boxes, and the occasional tears of joy filled the home.

On the road to Ohio
Then another pre-sunrise morning and a drive down to Ohio, to Tami's parents home--a lovely haven of rest, fun, movies, games and family. I'm loving how chill and relaxed it is here, but I also can't wait until Peter takes me on our annual trip to Easton for my birthday, and then our trip down to have some serious encounters with Jesus at the conference Winter Ramp!

I hope and pray you too have had a beautiful, relaxing, time with your family, receiving and giving gifts of love and time (and of course a few actual presents as well). And most importantly, I hope you have met and experienced the love of Jesus in this time--be it in a private moment with him, while singing his praises in a carol, or through the wonder of family love--as we celebrate his birth together.


Cameron said…
Wonderful Christmas update. I'm so happy that you're happy.
Peter Webb said…
You have the best Christmases.

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