A Great Reminder

Do you ever get the feeling that God works on a scale that is so much bigger than you think?

I've been experiencing this a lot lately, namely through seeing God do something that relates to me and my situation, and the person didn't even know about the connection I saw. He shows one person something that totally applies to their life, and they share it, and then five other people are impacted because of it--sometimes in ways that would not apply or not even make sense to the original receiver! Other times, different messages are given but a common thread is so evident it's crazy.

There have been numerous examples of things like this lately. For example, at my college group, God was using the tool of people's imaginations and giving them pictures to help them understand truths about His character and how he works. Someone got a picture of plants and flowers growing on driftwood (God's life coming in places where you don't expect it), another saw a wooden block being thrust deep in water, but it kept rising to the surface (God wants you to know no matter whats happening or even if you feel like you're sinking, He will never let you settle at rock bottom--He will keep lifting you up from the depths), and another got a picture of wooden beads that had the letters to spell JOY on a bracelet (a reminder to keep Joy right in front of you, to remind you to stay in God's joy and let it be by your hands, which help you do just about everything). Though all these pictures and ideas were different, the common thread was wood, and the common principle is God is our source--of life, hope and joy.

Then I call my friend in Indiana and she too told me what she has been thinking about God's joy and how important it is to have that perspective no matter what circumstance arises. But it doesn't even end there--a friend in South Carolina writes this blog post that totally relates to some drama I've seen in the lives of people I love up here in Michigan...and it helps me remember where I need to keep my focus. No matter the circumstance, if you don't go to God, it won't end the best way it could.

The biggest thing that I have taken away from this however, is even more exciting.

Our God is the same God no matter where you meet Him.

I suppose that sounds really simple...but think about it--He is moving in similar ways here in Michigan, in Indiana, and in South Carolina! What is to stop the other amazing things I hear of Him doing in California or Canada or China from happening here too?

Our God is the same God no matter where He is found...He works the same ways everywhere.

I encourage you to spend some time and meet with Him. Ask him to show you the Big Picture of what He is doing...search deep into His word, and learn His character. Remember:

"If you stay joined to me and my words remain in you, you may ask any request you like, and it will be granted! My true disciples produce much fruit. This brings great glory to my Father."
John 15:7-8


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