A Moment, and His Wing

I'm trying to remember the good moments now, and not think about the hard moments to come. And I'm finding it to be one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do.

Peter is leaving. In less than 16 days. He'll be gone... gone nine hours away and become so much harder to keep a part of my life. I know he will stay here in my heart, and I will be talking with him as often as possible. But the fact that he isn't a 20 min drive away and I can have a hug and be comforted by the man I love...that's hard to face.

So I'm trying to grab the moments...

Standing in the rain, watching the lighting over a nearby lake, and belting out our love for our Savior in every worship song that comes to mind. The wind swelling and rain pouring harder with each crescendo, and lightening and we pause and are in awe of His love.

Walking along in Millham Park, taking in the good smelling-ness of the outdoors. Then holding each other close and knowing this is where God wants us to be...

Visiting Wendy's JUST after ten and getting in because Peter used to work there. Then having to go through the drive through because they wouldn't serve us inside, and then taking Peter's straw because you have to ASK for one for a frosty apparently. He told me only old people drink a frosty with a straw! And I just about died laughing because we had to go through the drive through to get him another straw...

Seeing Peter fall asleep on the beach because he didn't sleep the night before so he could clean the house to take me to South Haven...(he's so hardcore!). Later, I remember crying the hardest I've ever cried about Peter leaving, and he held me close and comforted me. It was healing, in a way, and even though it wasn't the last cry I've had about this, that time changed something for the better in me.

All the little notes during HPA shows...in the stage manging booth, on my car, even tucked in/on my purse, and once in my locker!

All the flowers...recently the red rose Peter gave me when I came home from the 10 day absence of camping. He blesses me so much....

I could go on, but even just now dwelling on this positive stuff has cheered me up.

It's raining now... a swirling, consuming storm. Torrents of rain, as some author has said. And its encouraging, because even though I feel like a storm is coming, I'm safe inside a warm house, protected. And God's going to do that for me, too. Safe under the shadow of His wing.


Peter Webb said…
I love you so much... Stay under his wing even when I come back home.

(It's a good thing I remember all those times, boy it would be embarrassing if I misplaced a memory ;-)

Hey, wanna go out sometime?

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