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My Story

I’m Tori, welcome to my little journal of life.

I believe in community, and I know the power that comes when people join together under the name of Jesus. I believe in people, and that through the Holy Spirit, we can become all we were created to be. I believe in honoring the process of growth. And I believe I’m not who I want to be quite yet, and that there is grace in for all the ways I fall short as I work to submit to Jesus more fully each day.

Will you join me on this journey? I would love to share my story with you.

The first two decades of my life I built a foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ, which prepared me well for the trials I would face. Raised as a pastor’s daughter, I experienced a close-knit church family that showed me what healthy community can look like in the body of Christ. I am the oldest of four, and together my sister and brothers spent many years exploring, learning together through homeschooling, and adventuring around the world, thanks to my parent’s va…

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