Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Memory of Robin Williams - "To Live"

I hate suicide.

I hate that people forget. We forget the truth. It gets so clouded, so lost, in the busyness--or in the emptiness. In the pain. Or the numbness. In the tears. Or the hate. Or the apathy.

People “grow up.” We forget about the second star to the right. We forget how to fly. We forget who we are. We forget our identity. We get “hooked” by the world. By the lies.

We start to believe the lie. That perhaps, death is the only great adventure left.

It’s not. It’s not. IT’S NOT.

Robin Williams died, most likely of suicide.

I know people who have almost given into the lie. Into the lie that the people they love would be better without them. People who have almost given into the lie that death is better than the pain. People who have almost given into the lie that death is the only adventure left. People who have forgotten who they are.

Robin Williams gave into a lie. He believed it. He thought something was true that wasn’t. He forgot the truth he portrayed in that classic movie. He believed something like the lies that Captain Hook said: that death was the only adventure left.

He believed the lies to the point that he took his own life.

This is not ok, people. No suicide is ok. We cannot be ok with this.

Tell the people you love. Tell them you know what you’re talking about and you want them in your life. Tell them the truth. Tell them they are loved. Tell them God has purpose for their life. Tell them the story isn’t done yet. Remind them who they are! Do something. Reach out. Text them. Call them. Send them a message.

People need to be reminded of who they are. They need to know their identity. Loved. Forgiven. Redeemed. Chosen.

They need to know… to know and remember who they are.

Peter Pan remembered. It changed his life. It can change our friends lives, too.

“To live--to live would be an awfully big adventure.” 
- Robin Williams as Peter Pan, Hook (1991)

(If you’ve never seen the movie Hook, but you love Robin Williams, please go get some tissues and watch it right now.)

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