Sunday, January 5, 2014


Boy, 2014, way to come in with a vengeance! 


 As of 5:30 today, we’ve got 16 inches of snow, and it’s supposed to keep coming down--we could even reach a total of 2 feet!

It’s a powerful storm; it started with torrential snow, a relentless wind is coming tonight, and tomorrow the temperature is dropping to glacial depths (a windchill of -28 is expected!).

I can’t help but wonder--is the weather a reflection of what this year will be like? The goals I've set for 2014 are the most ambitious I've ever attempted. This year could be just as intense as this storm in many ways.

But my hope is this: that the intensity of my goals will push me towards the warmth of Christ, and that I will stay safe and secure in Him, just like I’m so blessed to do in the natural now, curled up, warm and cozy, in our little home.

Let's do this, 2014.

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