Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

Hello, friends and family! This year, Peter and I sent out 100 Christmas letters--but we didn't nearly send them to everyone we wanted to. For all those we weren't able to send it to, here it is! We love you all and we're so thankful you're in our lives. (Full Text & Pictures Below)


If I were to sum up 2013 in one sentence it would be: God is faithful. In every area of our life, from our jobs, to our friends and family, to our personal stories, the theme has been His faithfulness. Take our jobs: at New Day, where I am the Administrator, God called our church to start a second campus in Vandalia. This year we went from practically nothing to having a building, remodeling it, and meeting weekly--and He provided it all miraculously! In WorshipArts, God’s brought new vision, new families, and new opportunities for us to bless our community. It’s been Peter’s full time job for the past 3 ½ years and it’s been only by God’s faithfulness that it has grown and flourished!

In every situation, He has comforted, provided, and encouraged. This February, my great-grandma went to be with the Lord at the age of 101. His presence of peace and comfort was right by my family’s side as we remembered this great woman. She stayed faithful to Christ through everything--and she experienced just about everything you could, living for a century!  His provision has been evident is so many ways--a major one was when our “Old Faithful” 1995 Honda’s front tire gave out and was perpendicular to the rest of the car. It was sudden and unexpected, and if it had happened on the highway or in traffic we could have been seriously injured--but it happened practically in a parking spot at our apartment! In April, I went through a season of intense stress. We had so much on our plates that for a few days I had difficulty eating--but God was so faithful and our community supported us through prayer and picking up all sorts of loose ends. I never want to take for granted the blessing and encouragement I find in our Kalamazoo community. It is incredible! Speaking of Kalamazoo, Peter and I have been overjoyed to be a part of the greater community of Christians in our city--we participated in a city-wide prayer and outreach event with over 50 other churches, and we’ve been able to help in the start of what will someday be a house of 24/7 prayer and worship in Kalamazoo.

On October 11th, we bought a house! What a testimony to God’s faithfulness! The world says, “these days you cannot buy a home without a good credit score” and yet He provided: this young couple, working in full-time ministry, with no credit score at all, purchased a lovely first home together this year!

This year we’ve also devoted time to sharing our lives online, with the goal of encouraging others, and we plan to continue doing so in 2014! If you’d be blessed to see it, you can see my photos (I try to post at least 4 or 5 pictures a week) at Peter and I both write regularly on our blogs, too, at and

If you know us even a little bit, we hope it comes as no surprise to you that we love seeing God’s Kingdom grow and it’s been a major desire of ours for years. It is beyond encouraging to us to see it happening personally, in WorshipArts, at New Day, and in our city. We hope and pray that the testimonies of His faithfulness we’ve shared will encourage you to keep trusting Him for provision in your life.  If you’re in a season where you are praying for change, be encouraged by this story.  Your prayers are heard and God is moving, even if you may not see it now. Keep trusting, keep pressing in--He is faithful.

Peter & Tori Webb

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