Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sunshine on my drives in. Leaves dancing around my windshield. Crisp, cool, morning air on my way into work. Writing, typing--then the warm paper, smelling of freshly printed ink. The slice and click of the paper cutter. Rustling as they sort and stack. Clank of metal chairs, set up and ready. Hugs, hellos, ooh-aahs of appreciation over new haircuts and new layouts. Sweet and savory sandwiches. Prayers and last minute adjustments. New faces, shared vision, eager eyes. Entering His presence, feeling Him enter the room as we sing, "Holy Spirit, you are welcome here" with arms raised, eyes closed, singing wholeheartedly. Click of the camera, capturing the moment, then they step on stage and share their heart. Standing in the foyer, half-hearing the message and half-directing those waiting, anticipating, their turn for ministry. The joy and some tears as they leave, God clearly leaving His mark--"I've moved here." The peace in our souls. Drives through fields of Sun-Bombs or Golden Trees, your pick. 
Big smiles with family, friends, celebrating 18 years well living and many more to come. Special moments one on one, followed by group laughter. Warmth under fuzzy blankets after rainy capture the flag. Caramel apples, brownies, meatballs, mini hot dogs. Who sir, Me Sir? Number 19 sir! Night drive, equipment pick up, under those covers into dreamland. Morning comes so quick these days, throw together an outfit and make a coffee and girl scout thin mint creamer deliciousness to go--to go to church to hear more deep blessing from Southernly friends. Lunch and steamy soup with good talks bringing good growth. Back to His house, tear down, lights up, stage set, here we go. Burning in my Soul to the Words of Satan, I am a Disciple to the Gospel, Awaken Me to How to Love, You are Beautiful, You and Me, Satan defeated--surrounded, saturated, in Christ's presence. The joy of knowing we did it all for Him and Jesus is so glorified.  A look between my love and I, "We're doing it. This is our calling." Then we load up and leave, and make the right call--we need us time so we slip away. Home again, rewatching moments from tonight and laughing, brainstorming, vision casting, loving each other, loving life.

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