Saturday, November 23, 2013



Sleeping...and hitting the snooze more times than I should.
Experiencing ice on our street's hill for the first time.
Thanking God for giftcards and delicious local coffee shops.
Critiquing and encouraging human video teams.
Snapping photographs of awesome youth.
Baking deliciousness for the Women's Bake sale at church tomorrow.
Wrapping said yummy-ness with yarn that matches their muffin cups.
Driving to Vandalia with my lover and my parents.
Snowing lots more down south-east than up here--practically a blizzard.
Worshiping with my New Day Vandalia family.
Videoing clips of service down there.
Mingling and meeting new people. 
Eating yummy food with my parents and talking about church and tech stuff.
Grabbing coffee and creamer on the way home.
Writing this post.
Sleeping again!

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