Thursday, November 28, 2013


I never want to get so caught up in my own life, my own problems, my own circumstances, that I forget how ridiculously, fully, obnoxiously blessed I am.

That's one of the things I love about holidays, especially thanksgiving--it's a perfect opportunity to step back, look at all that I have, and give thanks.

I do not deserve the life that I have.  I'm blessed with a flexible job, so I can easily have time off for holidays and family time. I have the ability to sleep in on a holiday, in our own, warm, home, have a leisurely breakfast before hopping in our faithful car, to head over to eat a true abundance of food and spend time with a family that loves each other and loves the Lord. I know many people that are lucky to have just one of those blessings--job, car, family that get along... And then I have the luxury of living in the same city as both sides of our family, so it's easy to spend the afternoon with one set and the evening with the other. To curl up under lots of blankets and watch a movie with my parents and brothers. To laugh and smile and relax together.

I don't deserve this. God doesn't promise that life will always be easy as we follow Him, and so I am abundantly thankful for the blessings and privileges I have, and I try to stay aware that this may just be a season. I want to give Him all the glory. To use the abundance that I have to encourage and strengthen others. To be ridiculously thankful--giving God the thanks, to the point that others thank Him more than they would originally.

We are so blessed. Enjoy the rest and the blessings that you have, and don't shy away from sharing what you have with others. Let's spread the love and abundance we've been given this season.

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