Monday, November 4, 2013

Snack Time

I really love snack food. It can be a *slight* problem if I'm not careful, but generally I try to plan out having my salty or sweet cravings met, instead of just splurging on them, so it works out. Here are five treats I really love.

1. Popcorn. It's pretty much my all-time fave snack, and when you make it yourself (as opposed to microwave popcorn bags) it's really fairly healthy. 

2. Unfortunately, I was super excited about giving out the best candy ever to trick-or-treaters this year...and the rain kept *them all* away. So we've got a TON of candy around the house, and I've been munching on a few every now and then. Butterfingers, mounds and kit-kats are my fave. Not healthy at all, but sure is yummy!

3. Raspberry dark chocolate Popsicle--that only have 80 calories each!? These treats from weight watchers are SO good. I haven't bought them since our move, but they are on the "get soon" list.

4. Chips & Salsa. Another more on the healthy side snack, I really love interesting salsas--current fave is an artichoke garlic one. Delish!

5. Okios Pre-stirred Greek Yogurt. Key Lime? Orange Cream? Coconut Vanilla? Apple Pie? Yes. These are all yogurts. I love the texture of these ones--seriously tastes like they could be a cold cream pie. SO GOOD!

What satisfies your cravings lately? 

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