Monday, November 25, 2013


One of my favorite things is nostalgia. I love the joy that can come from reminiscing, reliving great memories, and enjoying sharing life with others. I love thinking back on my childhood--playing neopets with Peter, Lindsay, Emily and our friends, writing on xanga, playing outside in the fort dad built us; going to prom together; so many card games and fun gifts throughout the years...who-sir-me-sir, four on a couch, north america south america, and all the other big group games we played. Trips to Disney World, Epcot, the strawberry ice cream treats, Caribbean beach resort, hidden mickeys. Traveling overseas, or to South Haven, or up to Cedar Campus.

I love memories, and capturing memories. I love creating memories, and recording them. That's one big benefit I've found from social media and the way I use the internet--I can use my instagram, facebook, and google calendar to find out so many things that I would otherwise forget about.

Often I berate myself for not doing better at keeping a diary, or a "one line a day" journal (which I do want to do) or blogging just about life. But the truth is, I am capturing a lot of the moments that I experience, and I have things to look back on and remember. I have ways to trigger that joyful, happy nostalgia feeling, that are pretty easy compared to the olden days of digging through boxes for damaged photos (...though that is a pretty great way to experience nostalgia!).

And the Holidays are coming! Such a fun season all about celebrating the life we've been living, given to us by a life that was born in a manger and given as a gift for all, so that we may all have life, and life abundantly. Here's to a Christmas season full of the best kinds of nostalgia, friends!

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