Monday, November 18, 2013

Beginner Workout

I have been looking for a simple workout routine for quite a while. I feel like it's been a bit like Goldilocks...that workout is too intense, this workout requires so many exercises I don't really know how to do, that workout is just too long...and it continues on and on until I give up and go get some dark chocolate.

So today I took a few hours, scoured the interwebs, found some short video routines that I'm going to try, and made myself this nice little poster to print out and keep me motivated. My goal was a challenge for me, but still manageable. It needed to be quick, simple, easy workouts so I can actually fit time for exercise in. Not so wimpy I'm not really doing anything, but a doable, effective workout.

I'm also planning on giving myself lots of grace--going from nothing to this routine will probably be a bit killer. So if I can only do 5 reps instead of ten? It's ok--grace-based exercising is the way to go! My goal is to do this for three weeks, and then re-evaluate it. Can I actually stick with a workout plan for 21-days? I hope so!

Here's the poster, if you'd like to use it, too. The videos I'm using are embedded below. The only other thing you'll need are some 3lb & 5lb weights (I'm not using a Pilates mat either at this point).

(Videos may take a while to load--sorry! Click on the title above to see them on the original websites)

Here's to getting healthy--one day at a time!

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