Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the quiet, reading Ephesians 6 over and over.

Lord, Lord! Why is this not connecting? How do I get this armor on me so it’ll stay?

I felt like a kid trying to fit into something too big for me. A breastplate doesn’t protect your heart when the metal is so big you’re getting nicked on the edges and practically crushed trying to get it in the right place.
God, I know attacks are happening. I know I need to be ready. I know You’ve given me everything I need to stand firm in this fight. But I feel so inadequate. Jesus, You say I need You. There is power in your name. How do I stand in the shoes of peace? How do I do this?

Quietly, faithfully. He opened my eyes:

My Daughter. Let Me put the armor on you--let the Holy Spirit be your armor bearer. You can’t put on armor by yourself--it’s essential to have help. Let me help you.

I sighed. Yes, God. I rest in You. I will stand and receive, and You can put the armor on me. You do the lifting. You make it fit.

I put Truth on you like a belt--it will hold everything in place. I cover your heart and your vital parts with My Righteousness. You are in right standing with Me, right by your heart, and that will protect you. 

I give you My shoes of peace--in them you will not stumble. Your steps are directed--no snare will catch you. You are fully prepared in the Good News--I have saved you! I have crafted your shield of faith specifically for you, so hold it high, and I will bear its weight for you. 

I put My salvation on your head. The work I have done is enough to guard your thoughts. When My Salvation is your filter, the enemy can’t touch your senses, thoughts, or mind. And I give you My Word. Scripture is the only method, strategy, or weapon you need, and it is your sword, always ready for you, to defend you.

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