Wednesday, November 27, 2013

75 Ways

Today marks 75 Months of being in a committed relationship with my best friend, lover, and husband--Peter Webb.

75 Months ago today, Peter and I sat on a picnic bench in his back yard and I told him, that after 6 years of knowing him, and 2 years of having feelings for him, I was finally ready to be his girl. It was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made.

75 months later, Peter has changed my life completely. Through his love, leadership, and wisdom, he has opened the door for Christ to transform me, and I'm so grateful.

I've learned, through Peter's life, so many things. Here are 75 of the ways you've challenge me, stretched me, taught me that life is wonderful. Thank you.

  1. Love is patient. He waited years and years for me, in so many areas.
  2. Being selfless despite circumstance is possible. He blows my mind in this area daily.
  3. You can truly be anxious for nothing. He lives it.
  4. Cleaning as you go makes a difference. He's so great at it.
  5. Give away your smile freely. Peter is always ready with a massive grin for anyone and just about any occasion.
  6. Humor makes life better. He doses it out in abundance daily.
  7. The relationship is most important. In any situation, that's his motto.
  8. Small stuff doesn't matter. 
  9. Big stuff doesn't matter.
  10. Time is invaluable--think about where you spend it.
  11. Being intense about everything makes life exciting.
  12. What people think can truly have no effect on your mood.
  13. Pour everything you have into what you love, and you'll impact more lives than you can imagine. Peter does this and his reach is growing exponentially. 
  14. Christ beats fear as soon as you're ready to believe it.
  15. People over problems.
  16. Clothes don't define you.
  17. You can make people laugh, loud and often, without being dirty or vulgar. He's a pro.
  18. No matter where you are, do what you're doing wholeheartedly, with abundant passion. It changes the world.
  19. Happiness isn't from the stuff you buy.
  20. Jesus beats worry as soon as you're ready to believe it.
  21. The Word of God always has an answer.
  22. Being content in every circumstance brings you more joy.
  23. Everything is a choice.
  24. Being all things to all people isn't as impossible as it sounds.
  25. Work hard, wholeheartedly, every day.
  26. Play hard, it's more fun that way.
  27. Be intentional in every moment. 
  28. Every one has influence.
  29. People's opinions do not define you.
  30. Being confident has nothing to do with what you've done.
  31. Grace doesn't run out.
  32. Worn out shoes don't matter.
  33. Always forgive.
  34. You can be intense and emphatic without vulgarity.
  35. Gaming can be very productive.
  36. Spending time with people is even more important than you realize.
  37. Every word you say makes an impact.
  38. Keeping your mouth shut is often a good plan.
  39. Looking into people's eyes makes a world of difference.
  40. Happiness isn't dependent on trips or where you go.
  41. Food isn't as important as most people think it is.
  42. Kindness is never out of fashion.
  43. Taking time to manage your money makes a difference.
  44. Don't take "risks" that are actually stepping stones to foolishness.
  45. Wisdom can be pretty simple.
  46. Practicing is worth it. Skill comes with time.
  47. Supporting your spouse will make anything possible.
  48. Real men can love musicals.
  49. Board games are cool.
  50. You don't have to tell everyone everything.
  51. Serving people is worth it.
  52. You don't have to hang out with your peers to have an awesome time.
  53. Showing off isn't worth it.
  54. Sometimes it's better to not tell people your goals and keep them between you and God.
  55. Media doesn't have to effect you.
  56. The state of your environment doesn't have to change how you act.
  57. You don't have to hide God from your conversations.
  58. Thank God for and in everything.
  59. Putting other people before yourself can be a lifestyle.
  60. You can praise God even when you're in physical pain.
  61. Just because other people like it doesn't mean it's worth your time.
  62. Challenging others to greatness and supporting them in their growth is a recipe for success.
  63. Being quick to laugh makes your life better.
  64. Being less curious than others can actually be a great thing.
  65. Simple things that others do without thinking can easily lead to addiction, and they don't have to be something you even try out.
  66. There are MANY genres of awesome worship.
  67. No dream is too big for God.
  68. Family is awesome.
  69. Trust God. It changes everything.
  70. Memorizing scripture will change your life.
  71. Treating little kids like adults blesses them and blesses you.
  72. People can do more than they think.
  73. Being selfless brings out the best in others.
  74. Choose to love your life.
    And basically, to sum them all up:

  76. Christ is enough.

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