Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pure Michigan

You may have seen the advertisements for Michigan over the past years--with Tim Allen’s iconic voice luring you into the beauty and wonder of “Pure Michigan.”

I’ve been pondering the word choice: "pure." Pure is a powerful word--perfect, clear, spotless, prized, without blemish. Pure carries a lot of connotations, and it’s a powerful principle in scripture. As I’ve been mulling on this idea, I’ve also looked at what’s been happening in my area of Michigan:

I believe God has shown me a connection--God wants to remake this state. He wants Michigan to be known, nationally and internationally, as a place of purity. A place where pure love is evident, where pure unity is apparent, and where pure, undefiled faith is prominent. He is passionate about our state, and our time is coming. He has heard our cries, and He is moving now.

Believers, please pray for Michigan. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for the lost. Pray for the church and ministry leaders. When God moves, the enemy tries to move, too. If you’re experiencing difficult times, remember--those often precede breakthrough.

Let us join in prayer and declare that His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in Heaven. Let's join with our state government and declare, "Pure Michigan." I believe the promises of God will prevail, and that this promise especially is for our state: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

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