Friday, September 6, 2013

Mere Christianity


Peter and I have been listening to the Mere Christianity audiobook, and I cannot recommend it enough. I have been blown away by how astoundingly relevant a book written 70 years ago completely address so many large questions that I see daily, both from other Christians’ posts or in situations in my own life.

Many of C.S. Lewis’ books can be difficult to read or follow, and that can dissuade people from attempting to read his work. But I’ve actually been able to follow this very easily. If you’re a Christian and you’ve never read this, or it’s been 2 years since you have, I highly exhort you to pick it up. And maybe try the audiobook version--we got ours on Audible, but I’ve heard you can get a version with C.S. Lewis himself reading it--which would be fantastic, since it was originally a radio show.

So what types of questions does it address? How relevant is this really?

He tackles distinguishing Christianity from other faiths in one of the most practical ways I’ve seen. He explains the essence of our faith in such clarity. He talks on what we should talk about as Christians among ourselves, and what debates we should not have in front of unbelievers. He addresses differences in different denominations, and what we should be focusing on instead of differences. He explains the importance of corporate morality and internal morality in a way that got me inspired, fired up and left in perfect understanding. And that’s just a few sentences to try and capture the revelation of only the first third of the book!

Reading this book has made this verse in 1 Peter stick out to me like a lightening bolt: “...if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it” (1 Peter 3:15). If you don’t feel confidently able to explain your faith, I highly encourage you to read Mere Christianity! (And, it should go without saying, dig into God’s Word more, too.)

This man was gifted in explanation. In making the complex simple. He took ideas that Christians wrestle with and revealed that though these are mountainous ideas, they are simply made of rocks you can grasp in one hand, and that together, we can easily accomplish the feat of reaching the summit together.

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Jerry said...

Excellent. I just listened to A Grief Observed. I have a few other titles of his on audible. I will have to get that one to listen to.

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