Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's Official

Wonderful friends.

It’s official--we have made an offer on what we are praying and hoping will be our first home!

We’ve been pre-approved and now the offering period has begun--so many emotions are coursing through me every moment! Excitement, nervousness, and so many questions--will they accept? Will the counter or keep their price the same? Did someone else bid too…!? They have to get back to us by 1 PM if you see me acting like I'm sitting on a pin-cushion, that's definitely why.

Please keep us in your prayers. We want this house if it’s where God wants us, and everything we’ve heard from Him so far has been “go for it!” but who knows what will happen next. Maybe this is just an exercise in trusting Him, and this won’t go through. That’s ok; I believe that would mean He’d have a better place for us.

But honestly, it’d be awesome if they accept and we can move forward!!

It’s been quite a journey--we originally applied for a loan back in the spring, and because we’ve never had debt, it took many months longer than normal to receive a pre-approval letter. That came last week, right when we were starting to consider other loan provider options. I’m so glad we didn’t have to do that, as the people we’re working with have been awesome in every regard, except for time, and we know that’s more our fault (both of us are in full-time ministry, we’re fairly young, and like I said, we’ve never had debt, which means we have no credit score).

I’m excitedly awaiting the next page in the story of “The Webbs Get a House”! Again, please pray for us, and I can’t wait to write you all another update!

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Manda said...

Thanks for stopping by :)

...This is such an exciting time for you guys! We bought our first home in January & are loving the journey thus far.

...God's Timing is Perfect!!

Manda from Eat Cake

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