Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life as a Church Administrator, Pt 5: Numbers

If you’ve missed it, check out the whole series here.
Before I go on in this series, I want to share this: If you don’t work at a church, I can see how it would be easy to get worried or concerned to hear how often I may mention attendance and finances in some of my posts. But I want you to know that the heart behind every mention of them is this: Every “number” is directly tied to spreading the love of Christ to real people in our community and the world.

Each number means real people, with real jobs, real families, real problems, real lives. People just like you. That’s why the numbers are so important to me. Every head count means one more person that’s seeking out God and truth, or one more person who can be encouraged to share the love of Christ in their circles.

The same holds true for finances. Every dollar means one more way we can help the impoverished, or one more way we can make our church building a safe and inviting place for people to encounter the love of God and experience Christian community. Every dollar also affects how much your church staff can do to further the work of Christ in a very tangible way. And most importantly: each dollar we receive lets me know people I love are trusting God more and more with their money, and that leads to so much freedom and peace in their lives.

Because of this, I work hard to keep track of these numbers and value each one; it is a very important aspect of my job. I am very conscious to keep Christ the reason behind every mention of them. Please know this is my heart.

I think this is another level that goes along with my last post on perspective: I’m sure many of you deal with numbers in your life, too. 

Do those insurance dollars you work with mean someone will not be financially ruined if they get in a car accident? What a blessing you get to help them! Does the drive-through timer at your fast food job mean you are helping hundreds of people stay fed and get their kids to practice on time, to that important meeting, to their volunteer position in the rough parts of the city? Wow, what an honor! How can you find the heart behind the numbers in your life?

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Jerry said...

This adds up. Thank you for broadening my perspective on numbers.

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