Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life as a Church Administrator, Pt 4: Perspective

If you’ve missed it, check out the whole series here.

Oh yeah. I tackled 50 message this day!

I’m a church administrator. I can tackle 100+ emails a week, design upcoming events graphics, answer concerned sweet lady’s technology question, carry visionary pastor’s next big idea, fill women’s group sound board needs, proof the bulletin, handle email newsletter creation, discuss financial comparison reports, partake in intercessory prayer, reformat design to fit website’s slideshow, and tell you if the building is free for your life group on wednesday nights.

You see, my job isn’t about answering boring phone calls, sending mundane emails, and dealing with mind-numbing logistics. (Though, insider tip: I’ve dealt with all of those in the process.) My job is about casting vision, getting hundreds of people the message that God is Big, God is Good, and God is so alive, active, and at work--and He has so much for them to receive and to give!

Sometimes though, it gets overwhelming. I’m sure you experience that in your job, too. The to do list keeps growing, no matter how fast you chop away at it. The phone keeps ringing, interrupting your workflow. Two emails come in for every email you respond to--or orders you fill, or coffees you make, or packages you deliver.

The key that I’m learning is perspective. You’ve got to focus on the why. Why do people send packages you deliver, or the place the orders you fill, or order the coffee you make? Focusing on the best aspects of your job, and being thankful for the part you get to play in real people’s lives can make all the difference.

At my job, I get to reach out to people first hand who are desperately looking for more in their life. I get to help connect people who become friends and strengthen each other in their walk with God. I get to help the blessed change the lives of the impoverished. I get to see God miraculously provide every week for our church--through the faithfulness of people exactly like you. And I get to see Him respond to that faithfulness with His extravagant love and provision in their lives. I get to see the impossible happen after seasons of tension and fear--I see breakthrough! I get to facilitate communication that leads to new revelation and freedom in people’s lives!

What element of your job can you be thankful for in a new way? If you’re in school or unemployed, who are you blessing in ways you haven’t thought about before? (Maybe turning your homework in, or that volunteer work you’ve done...I am confident you make a difference to someone. Keep thinking and you’ll find a new person you bless!)

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