Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year

Did anyone else let out a big sigh this last weekend? I definitely did.

Last week seemed like the first week of being back to “real life” for me this year. It was the test run of a new schedule, the trying of new goals, and it was generally and jarringly jam-packed. I sighed because life is full--but life is also good.

Peter’s schedule drastically changes every school semester--by the time I feel like I’ve learned it, it’s over. That affects my ability to create and follow routines--at least that’s been my running excuse (always so quick to NOT blame myself!). This year though, I really want to do better (says everyone always). And what’s great is, looking back, I did have a very successful week.

I was able to come up with ten highlights in many areas of my life that I met this week:

  • I purchased healthy food and actually ate it.
  • I took time to go visit my great-grandma.
  • Peter and I had a lunch with two of our favorite people (we love you CB^2!).
  • I spent time with my go-to girl Linna.
  • WorshipArts started with a bang--and I get to help lead the Dance & Drama teams this season!
  • Peter and I got in our couple time--including a date to see HPA’s Jane Eyre!
  • I slowly chipped away at reading the Bible in 90 (read: 100 115 160 as close to 90 as I can...) days.
  • Church has started off the new year with so much family-love and pursuit of the things Christ has called us to!
  • Work is bursting full and I’m loving it, even when I leave the day exhausted.
  • Peter and I are back in the swing of things with pursuing our financial goals after the holidays.
  • I even got some intentional exercise in.

Half-way through January (Shut-up, it’s the 14th!?) it can sometimes be discouraging when you haven’t met some of the goals you were so gung-ho about (write more? heh heh). But what HAVE you done? Even if it wasn’t a goal you set, what have you done postively so far this year?

Perhaps you showed up to work on time more than not? Spent some solid time with family? Haven’t missed a Sunday at church yet this year?

Whatever your victory--stand on it, and let that encourage you to keep conquering.


Hannah said...

Well, while this past week was not my first full week into my new schedule for this year, it was a good week nevertheless. I had some really great God time (Mmm food for my soul) and have been doing my daily bible readings. (YAY! I've actually been listening to them, which has been good, as I'll play solitaire while listening, so it's kind of an extra incentive where I get to "waste time" and not feel bad about it.) I've also been more intentional and involved in my friends' lives, which is something that I really wanted to work on this year. And I've been inviting the Holy Spirit to fill me every day this past week, and I've also started praying through the armor of God at the beginning of the day. And you've encouraged me too! Yay God's body!

Peter Webb said...

You're such a success.

Jerry said...

Great start. You are one busy chick. Thanks for the authenticity (i.e.smaller font comments. :)) I have taken to encouraging writers when I can through the cracks of my busy life. I am back to getting up earlier to read and write (and get a bit distracted by fb). Bible reading has increased and so is my thirst for it...praise God. I am stepping out to preach/teach/share at church in February. 2013 is going to surpass 2012 fo sho. Write on Tori,it doesn't mean you have to post on this blog often. Thanks for sharing your breathing heart!

Tori said...

Hannah, well done on getting in God time! It makes a world of difference <3 That's a great idea--play solitaire while you listen. I know other people who would be encouraged to hear that that's "ok" and a legitimate way to ingest the word. Some people just need to do something with their hands, you know!? =) Way to go on pouring into your friends. That is one of those things I want to get better at this year too. Yes indeed--woot for God's body!!!

Tori said...

Jerry, thanks! I wondered if people would like that =) Way to go on stepping out to bless writers--let me tell you--I always watch for your comments, they really encourage me! Praise God about the hunger for His Word! I've found that if I pour into it when I have that thirst, the thirst grows--and if I ignore it, it diminishes quickly. Way to pour into it!! That's so exciting that you get to preach! I know God will use your words to bring encouragement and growth to many in this new venue! Yes indeed--2013 will be the best yet!!

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