Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Style

Lace scarf with cascading pearl
necklace. I love this necklace
with scarves!
One of my favorite things about getting older has been developing my own sense of style, and feeling so much more confident about how I look and dress. It's amazing the difference five or six years can make--I truly feel like I was just floundering along back when I was 16 or 17!

Glammed up for chaperoning prom.
$10 JCP dress!
 I went into a whole new level of self-confidence and strength in who I am after I got married as God led me through the beginnings of being a wife, and one of the fun byproducts has been my new freedom in my appearance.

Peter has been such an awesome support too--he has taken me on multiple spontaneous shopping sprees, and he find the perfect balance between helping me be frugal, while whole-heartedly supporting adding to my wardrobe.

Blues, reds and whites, with black
jacket. Spring happiness!
This past year I have finally felt like I've figured out who I am style-wise, what I like, and that, along with the growth I've experienced, has helped me be confident enough to step out and try different, out-of-my-comfort-zone styles. It's been a great adventure! I realized that it would be fun to have some of my pictures all in one place, to see what my style looks like back-to-back. (Also, I've lost twelve pounds this summer--so I'll try to put these in chronological order and hopefully I'll be able to see a difference!)

One of the big things for me has been accessories. I've focused on getting simple tops and using scarves, my boots, and jewelry to add flavor. It's been great!

 I also went way out of my comfort zone and got bangs this summer. And let me tell you--I love them!! I can't wait to go back next month and get them again--they've grown out quite a bit, but thankfully they've been super easy to manage.

Here's some more photos:
(If you click on any of the pics they get nice and big!)

Summer braid, teal jewelry made for
my beauteous bridesmaids
by Hannah Ailes!
Trying out tucked in with a belt:
wasn't overly thrilled, but the pics
turned out cute. This was
pre-weight loss too!
Love this bow headband!
Enter: bangs!

Our anniversary trip:
got the hat and shirt in A^2
and totally love them!
My first fully fall outfit of the year.
I've pretty much only worn those boots
since this. LOVE THEM.

Here I am, 12 lbs later! Love my Pinterest inspired sweater-turned-leg-warmers.
Also, this yellow shirt is my current fave. Such a great, happy color!!


~Kathie said...

You never "floundered" in fashion! But your creativity has exploded!

Cameron said...

You've always been beautiful. Have I ever told you about the strangers who would stop us just to look at you when you were an infant!?! You keep getting more beautiful and I love your freedom of expressing your style.

Tori said...

Aw thanks mom & dad! You guys are the best =) Love you!

Caitlin said...

Reading this along with your healthy days post made me cry... I'm so happy to be part of your life and self-journey. You are beautiful and inspiring. I love you!

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