Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's a New Season

Today we had the first WorshipArts meeting of the season! We had 25+ come out to the Student and Parent  meeting (SaP meeting, as we affectionately call it). And this year, we have 39 students! It was such a blessing to meet in the beautiful Iglesia building--that place just oozes out creativity and inspiration for new ways to give God glory! Every time we are there it makes us long for a place just like it for WorshipArts to own.

Over the past year, God has been pulling Peter and I into new depths with Him. It's been amazing to see Peter specifically aim higher and higher in the levels of ministry training for these awesome students. Last season God unlocked a key for us with the focus on personal devotion, and the transformations in the students were incredible. This season we are taking personal devotion to the next step--discipleship. In essence, this is personal devotion and leadership combined, and I'm expecting God to do new things in each student's life.

I was struck today looking back on WorshipArts history--we started just a few years ago with five kids, simply learning how to play worship music together, and God has molded, stretched, nurtured, twisted, pulled, shoved and sprouted us into a completely different creature, giving Him praise. Each season WorshipArts takes on a whole new feel and vision, as we cast off the methods that didn't give Him the most praise and strengthen everything that draws the students closer to Jesus.

Sometimes I get freaked out thinking about it--this new God-glorifying beast-of-a-vision that is WorshipArts. Sometimes it feels like it's a wild stallion, that's letting us ride it, but at any point it could buck us off. Running a business has a lot of risk. But God has poured out obnoxious amounts of favor on it and us, and I daily have to choose to trust Him about everything in my life--so why waste time fearing about this? God's totally got us in His hands.

I am choosing to believe all the crazy evidence before me that this is going to go amazing well. I'm choosing to expect that God will fulfill His promises: as these students and Peter and I press into God and seek His Kingdom, ALL things will be added unto us!

Screenshot of the editing the video from the SaP meeting today

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Jerry said...

Amen. You two inspire and sharpen those around you...which includes me. thanks!

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