Friday, March 16, 2012

So much good happening right now.

I am so blessed.

I don't know what clicked in the last few weeks exactly, but I have just been overwhelmed by the favor of God in my life!

Our vacation was so much fun! First we went to Sarasota and visited my lovely Nana and grandpa (and Siesta Beach--the #1 beach in the USA!). Then we packed a lot into our Disney days but took time every afternoon to come back to the Disney campground and take a nap or go to the pool, which was super great and relaxing. I think part of my good feeling has rubbed off from such a great time in FL with my family.

Another huge reason is this truly crazy weather we are having here in southwest Michigan. This Wednesday it hit 80 degrees--and broke the record for hottest march 14th ever in Kalamazoo! And it's not a one day fluke; it's still getting up into the 70s. Let me just say--it's definitely easier to be happy when it's warm out. =)

I've also started trying to eat better and workout. I'm starting slow this time, and that (coupled with this weather) is making it much more manageable. I've also got a much more frequent reward plan for the first 12 weeks which is helping too. Plus, Peter has send I can spend more money investing into my health--so I've been buying Lean Cuisine so it's easy to know my calorie intake and I got some fantastic new workout gear from old navy. The freedom to purchase this stuff has really made it more fun and doable with our crazy busy lifestyles.

Plus, WorshipArts is being used to do great and mighty things and it's been incredible to see! They have had 3 events in the last week and another tonight--and wow. Is the Holy Spirit moving through them or what! I wish each of you could come out tonight to experience God working through them. It truly is life changing when Jesus walks in the room, and they are so anointed to welcome Him in!!

My personal devotion life has gone in flux lately but this last week has been solid. God is so real my friends--take the time to press into Him and He will not let you down. As I heard last week from a beautiful gospel singing woman, "He may not come when you want Him too, but He'll show up right on time! he's an on time God, yes He is!"

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Jerry said...

Thanks for investing in my girls. They are Jesus strong. You and Peter have been great examples to all of my family by lifting up the name of Jesus and walking in the Spirit.

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