Monday, February 13, 2012


Peter and I celebrated our love for each other and our awesome marriage with a Valentine's Date tonight!

Chessex Megamat
I had been planning and plotting for over a month now to get Peter a chessex megamat. For those non-board-game-geeks out there, it is a blank grid mat that you can use special markers on to create your own board games (or use with complicated games that others have created). I got him a reversible one with square and hexagons and let me tell you--he was super surprised! I don't know how many times he said "This is the best thing you could get me!" I can't wait to see him relax and create all sorts of fun new board games in the coming months with it. It was a success, for sure!

Dinner at Martell's
Peter took me out to one of the Millennium Group restaurants we had never been to--Martell's! It was such a fun, romantic experience. The atmosphere was unique for Kalamazoo--actually, it reminded me a little bit of restaurants I went to in England. And let me tell you--the food was superb! I got the almond crusted walleye with creamy mashed potatoes and good. Tonight happened to be their new pastry chef's first night, and we got his amazing lemon cheesecake topped with strawberries. I'm salivating just remembering it! And kudos to the manger--he honored our 40% off coupon from seeing it on our phone, even though he didn't need to, saving us a trip back home to print it!

I love our conversations. We truly are best friends, and it was so much fun to talk about everything together, from the recent things we've seen on Facebook to politics, tax credits, the stock market, Dave Ramsey, our future house, our upcoming trips, and so much more.

The Castle Game
Then we came home and played The Castle together. I don't know what my problem is, but I do pretty good at staying neck and neck with him until about halfway through the game and then I just get stuck as he flies ahead. It was still a ton of fun though!

As I began writing this, he was sitting beside me strumming out unique and interesting melodies on the acoustic guitar, and now I believe he is dozing next to me. I am overcome with love...what an honor to be the wife to such a loving, fun, kind, handsome amazing man! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with Peter Webb! Truly, God has blessed me more than I could ever deserve our earn. I love His extravagant favor and generosity! Thank you Lord for giving me such a blessed life.

What are you doing to celebrate life and love this week? What are you thankful for?


Hannah said...

Tori, thank you for this. Your words always bless me, and this post is no exception. I was feeling a bit down, tired and drained at the end of another long day, with yet another one waiting for me tomorrow. I didn't want to spend time with God, I just wanted to go to bed and forget about everything for a while. But this post made me think about all the good things that happened today, everything and everyone that God has blessed me with. It turned my entire mood around, made me want to spend time with God. This evening, I am thankful for having you as a big sister in Christ :)

Jerry said...

He is something...and the two of you are something else! I thank God for the both of you!

Peter Webb said...

Grateful to have you, Beautiful.

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