Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So Blessed

Today was such a good day!

Peter and I got to spend a little bit of time together this morning.
My devotion time was good!
I worked and actually felt like I accomplished a little bit (even though I have a crazy boatload of stuff to do yet).
I made dinner (shout out for NOT doing fast food! Score!).
I got to make this adorable jello jiggler treat for some of the WorshipArts students.
I was able to spend some time praying and drawing based from Psalm 19--I really love how it turned out too! Art with Jesus is the best.
I sang with one of the Horizon teams tonight. I love worshiping God with my voice!
I was blessed with a super edifying conversation with a woman of God I respect.

I am so stinking blessed to be surrounded with His presence. Everything I get to do is focus on Jesus--blessing my husband, spending time with Him, my job, serving my husband with meals, making treats for my brothers & sister in Christ, art with Jesus, worshiping Him, being built up by another sister in Christ...even writing this is honoring the gifts He's given me and the desire in my heart to write!

I want to have this perspective even when my days aren't full of directly Christ-centered activities.

But I sure am overwhelmingly blessed in this season of my life. Seriously people. Focus on all God's given you--it does wonders for your attitude!

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