Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love starting new journals for my prayers and devotions. For years, I would always try to get a medium to large sized journal...I don't know why exactly, it just felt more sturdy and legit. However, I would rarely finish these journals completely...because I would get tired of them, or feel like I was in a new season, and want to move on to something different.

But in December, Peter and I tried these slim moleskine journals, and oh my goodness, I love it. It's been just under two months, and I only have 3 pages left! Plus, it fits inside my bible, which makes for easy transportation.

I love writing out my prayers...I use a modified version of the ACTS prayer model, in addition to just writing out verses that stick out to me and things God says to me. It has been so wonderful to look back and see the victories God has given me throughout the pages of my journals--and I've had a prayer journal since I was about 13 or 14!

Do you have a particular type of journal you love? Do you write out your prayers?

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Jerry said...

You know, I rarely write anything out by hand. The other morning I wrote in a journal because I wanted to keep looking up at the object of my attention for a poem.
I used to write in a journal. Thoughts, prayers, scriptures, quotes. That started when I was around seventeen. That faded and then about 12 years ago God let me know that I could be creative and honor Him and reflect His image in me through writing...but now I had a computer and use it mostly to write.
This post is an encouragement to start a more personal writing journey again...funny I bought a journal at B & N a few weeks ago and have hardly touched it. I need to secure a good pen(personal thing of mine).
Thanks Tori.

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