Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beautiful Surprise

For some reason, we struggle we getting to the grocery store. I really don't prefer to go on my own because I tend to deliberate over the prices for much too long and I get distracted with "oh, that would be nice"'s that I don't end up buying anyways. Peter doesn't like going because...well, it takes so long and he'd rather go buy in bulk do we can last a month anyways! =)

So last week we planned to go Monday, it was put off until Tuesday and that day filled up, so it skipped our insanely packed Wednesday and finally the deed settled on Thursday. (It truly is amazing how long you can stretch your food out with just two people!)

The one catch is I work all day Thursday--so my hero saved the day (and our pantry) and tackled the task. I was bragging on him at work to the other ladies (because it truly is a blessing to have a man willing to grocery shop now and then), simply thankful that I didn't have that chore to do. Work went on, and he called me on his way to pick me up. We talked as I finished closing up the office, thankful to be the best of friends. I didn't notice he had entered the building until he turned the corner, still on the phone--holding a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen pink roses!!! I was stunned and so blessed that he bought me flowers "just because." (And beautiful, amazing smelling ones to boot!)

Today, I am so thankful to have the best husband in the world standing by my side, doing life with me every day. What are you thankful for?

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Cameron Wright said...

How cute. Thanks for sharing.

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