Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adventures of the 20th

Today was one of those perfect Christmas vacation days. Peter and I slept in until the crazy hour of 11, spent some quality time together lounging around the apartment, and went out for brunch at Cracker Barrel thanks to gift cards and the generosity of awesome people we know. 

On the way home we ran a few errands to grab some more supplies for Christmas gifts, paid a visit to some frogs and their gnome friends, and then headed home. I spent the next 5 or so hours crafting my heart out creating some fun presents to give our family during this weekend's festivities while listening to pretty amazing Christmas music. 

I love living life with my best friend. Peter keeps me positive even when at hour 4 of creating it's starting to feel less expressive and just plain laborious. He challenges me to keep writing (especially by setting some pretty hefty goals of his own for next year) and to not let my standards of perfection keep me from getting things done. Anytime anything that doesn't line up with Christ (stress, worry, frustration etc!) enters my mind he doesn't hesitate to call me out on it and straighten out my thinking with an encouraging word that points me to Jesus. He's brilliant, and as you can see for yourself, "a genius." 


Thanks to you, hubs, for making the holidays amazing with our own little family time to rest 
and delight in all the blessings Jesus has given us.

Interested in that fabulous Christmas playlist? Check it out:


Peter Webb said...

I love you, darling

Kiersten said...

Have you ever heard Future of Forestry? I love a lot of their music. I haven't heard a lot of their Christmas stuff, but they do an amazing rendition of "O Holy Night".

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