Monday, November 14, 2011

The Realities of Heaven

I am so favored to be alive in such a time as this!

That statement, I believe, is probably rarely thought in our country. The economy is doomed, schools are less successful and more dangerous, families fall apart at every turn, non-profits that care for the poor are carrying so much more that they are forced to close their doors, and not just in some abstract part of the nation: It's happening on many "Main Streets" in our country--even right here in Kalamazoo. The message is everywhere--the front page of the paper, the headlines on the news websites, and the conversation you over hear in the coffee shop: "FEAR." 

If modern news stories, conversations and your circumstances are what influences you, then you're probably dealing with some serious fear as well. Times are rough. Prices aren't going down. Hours at work aren't going up. So many of my friends and acquaintances are dealing with serious problems--from lack in finances, transportation problems, to relational issues and everything in between. "What if..." is a mercenary-thought just waiting to murder your day, week, and outlook on life.

But this is only a fraction of reality, only the surface tension trying to keep back the depth of the water life is!

God is moving in a powerful way. I am hearing testimonies multiple times a week of the wondrous ways He is working! More and more are praying as they drive and walk throughout their lives and are seeing real differences. My sister was miraculously healed of TMJ and was able to open her jaw completely without pain for the first time in two years. I know 26 people who were baptized a week and a half ago. 

God is moving His people across the nation in powerful ways! 

Last Friday (11-11-11) four major prayer events took place in the north, south, east and west of the United States. In the north, tens of thousands gathered from across America at The Call (led by Lou Engle) in Detroit to fast, pray and cry out to God to end abortion, end racial divides, and unite our nation under God. In the south in Dallas there was a citywide call to prayer at the Irving Convention Center. The culmination of 40 days of 24/7 prayer, worship and fasting led by James Nesbit in the east in Washington, D.C. ended that night. And to the west "a call for Unity, an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and to see the Glory of God for Revival and a Harvest of Souls" occurred as thousands gathered in the Rose Bowl to intercede for our nation.

Powerful, life changing messages are being shared in local congregations and through nationally known speakers from Bethel Church in California and The Ramp in Alabama, to name two that God has use to impact my life.

God is calling us to listen to His voice in this time. And from what I have picked up "fear" is the last thing He's focusing on right now. Now is the time to press into Him; now is the time for new intimacy with our Savior. We must "set [our] sights on the realities of heaven...not the things of earth" (Col. 3:1-2). He is looking for the ones who are watching, listening, their ear ever tuned to Him so He can move in powerful ways. 

In order for this to happen, we are going through a refining fire. Those of us who have less than wholehearted devotion are experiencing distance, less tolerance, and pain--this refining fire burns hot.

The enemy is throwing trial after trial in our path and highlighting our every weakness in order to keep our eyes on the things of earth. If he can keep you consumed with the day to day life without Christ, then he has the victory. My friends, don't wait until you "get a moment" to tune into what Christ is doing. Make the moments. Listen to worship music every chance you can (I can recommend a few artists that keep me focused on Christ). Turn on a sermon podcast while you're doing the dishes or driving in the car. Open your Bible instead of checking your "Words With Friends" app (I'm guilty here for sure.) If we don't make the moments, we will miss out what the Spirit is doing now.

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Kelsey said...

I'm going to make some moments to dwell on God today. Thank you for this wonderful reminder my dear, I so often am easily distracted by Satan and I live my day to day without Christ, but I need healing and I need joy today and everyday so I'm putting off those distractions and focusing on the Lord. <3 you!

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