Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love ideas.

I'd go so far as to say discovering ideas is my hobby. I love spending my time finding new ideas and dreaming about all the things I could do, or that I could inspire others to do. I've realized it's more than just a general love of information, which I've written about before, but actually specifically I love thinking about, discovering, and especially sharing ideas that are helpful and generally brilliant!

Onto this stage of my life, with this setting of loving ideas, entered a new character: Pinterest.

Oh my goodness, friends, this website is incredible. It is completely about sharing ideas! At it's simplest, it is like the bookmarks you can make in your browser, except public and it uses pictures. You set up "boards" where you "pin" photos that link to different websites. Let me warn you now: this will easily eat up hours of your time if you aren't careful!

I have used boards for collecting ideas for my parents 50th Birthday Party, keeping track of decoration ideas for parties/weddings that I may help with in the future, my Christmas/birthday wish list, a list of more practical items I'd like to purchase, home decorating ideas, tips & tricks, recipes, and ideas for our future children to name a few!

I definitely see myself writing posts in the future about ideas I've found and used from Pinterest--so keep your eye out! And if you don't have an account and you'd like to be invited, I'd be happy to invite you. It is set up so that the pins that show up in your home screen are from boards you follow--so you can fairly easily eliminate the odd crude photo (honestly, I've only stumbled on like...two) by only following the boards of your friends or a few carefully selected other boards. (It's also good to note you cannot make a board private at this time.)

Ideas are incredible, and I am so privileged to live in an age where the internet has enabled sharing of ideas like never before. I cannot wait to see where this new technology and idea sharing will change, shape, and build interactions with people throughout my lifetime!

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Brittney Galloway said...

Ooooh, I've been fighting joining it for awhile now, because I'm afraid to start a new addiction, haha!

I think I'll take the plunge and join on in though- would you send an invite to my email (


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