Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Dove in Mind

At the Three Streams Convergence Conference in Toronto, Canada October 3rd though 6th, 2011, I heard amazing teachings from major leaders of Bethel Church (Redding, CA), International House of Prayer (Kansas City, MO) and Catch the Fire (Toronto, Can.). (Hows that for a sentence PACKED with details...)

Out of the cascade of incredible testimonies, stories, and revelations shared, one point from Pastor Bill Johnson's teaching on Tuesday night has not left my mind. 

He told the story of when the Holy Spirit descended on Christ like a dove "and He remained upon Him." Bill Johnson said, think about that: if you have a dove on your shoulder that you don't want to leave you, how are your going to act? As Bill said, "Your every movement is with the dove in mind." 

He illustrated it with a white cloth on his shoulder, and he walked slowly, watching the "dove", paying attention to it. It got me thinking about my own life, and if I am truly living it every moment mindful of the dove on my shoulder, the Holy Spirit's presence in my life. 

This would mean that I would be constantly looking to Him and talking to Him, to know where He's at. I would be checking every action that I did, because I would be completely aware that the slightest wrong movement would mean He could "fly away."

Or to look at it another way: As Christians, we have accepted Christ as our Savior and Lord, and the Holy Spirit has taken up residence inside of us. What type of residence do we provide for Him? Am I a dwelling He likes? 

Am I spending my time honoring Him, or do I act as if His opinion is really negotiable, and it doesn't effect my decisions? Do I choose to err on the side of caution so I don't offend Him, or is His opinion a bit of a "grey area" in my life? 

I've been fairly convicted in this: if I'm not concerned about what He thinks, if I'm calloused about spending time with Him, or I don't "feel" the conviction of crossing His lines, then that means I've let myself fall out of love with Him. 

I want to sow daily into my relationship with Christ, honor Him with my thoughts and actions, and be mindful of His presence in every moment so that never happens!

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Vic said...

This is an awesome reminder! I think that it's so easy to fall into this out of sight out of mind approach with God.

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