Saturday, September 24, 2011

Like an Earthquake

I was sitting minding my own business tonight as I used facebook (which is what everyone does on facebook you know) when I saw a friend's profile picture. In it she had the words "People get ready...Jesus is coming!" That reminded me of the incredible 10 minute long song by Misty Edwards my friend was referencing, and I couldn't get the quote out of my head as I continued surfing.

Naturally, I did what makes the most sense--I decided I should play the song.

And oh my word, the Holy Spirit just showed up right here, while I'm in my PJs alone in our apartment surfing Facebook, of all times and places!

I started crying as the power of the lyrics sunk into my spirit--"He's coming. He's coming. He's alive!"

Even before I was half way though the song, He started stirring His words in my heart--"I am coming to Kalamazoo. I am coming to Michigan."

"People get ready. Jesus is coming."

God is steadily, drumming, beating, yet whispering:
Growth is coming. Freedom is coming. That which was unhealthy in relationships, thoughts, actions and has been tolerated will no longer be tolerated. 
I've seen many, many relationships hit the true crisis point in the last two years. Marriages, friendships, work environments, family relationships--everything. And I've seen these relationships either be restored...or destroyed. It has been both humbling and sobering. "Once again I'm going to shake / Everything that can be shaken / Once again I'm going to break / Everything that can be broken."

And yet the release of freedom has been even more humbling!

I just spent the evening with my amazing parents(-in-law) and I heard story after story of the incredible freedom God is releasing in the lives of those in Paw Paw. I've heard and seen God's presence show up and miracles occur downtown at my church's young adult group, Dwell. My Facebook news-feed continues to have more and more verses as statuses. Our church has finally, after many years, broken the 200 member barrier, and are nearing 250 people gathering to seek God together. I just heard on the radio--Kalamazoo is the best city in Michigan in terms of the economy--I credit that to God and the prayers of His people here.

As this song was going, all of this was running through my mind. All this freedom that I've witnessed isn't the end--it is the beginning! God started pounding it into my heart--these are what come before the earthquake. I wasn't sure of the term, so I googled: "what are the little quakes before a big earthquake called" and found this site. I started reading and before I found the term "foreshocks" I was immediately hit--they were using snapping as an illustration for how an earthquake works! My co-worker, a leader at our church and my good friend often snaps when she is praying, and lately I've been doing it, too. I had always figured the snapping was probably a God-thing, and low and behold--this was thrown to the front of my mind as I read!

"People get ready. Jesus is coming!"

And the revelation continued to grow: before the song was 3 minutes into it, I remember The Call. This gathering of thousands and thousands of intercessors who fast leading up to the event and press into His power to bring change and spiritual freedom for the United States of America.

And The Call is coming to Detroit 11/11/11.

A spiritual earthquake is coming--and the freedom and trials many are experiencing now is this release, the foreshocks of an amazing quake to come. I believe The Call and the 40 day fast leading up to it are going to be mightily used by God in this coming earthquake.

People, are you ready?

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Vic said...

So I have to tell you: I recently saw on your blog about IHOP. And I wanted to say that it's so crazy how God works... I was asked by some people here in NY if I wanted to go. And then! I was like oh I will be on vacation I think: come to find out: I will be practically down the street from the conference! So I might end up going after all! God is crazy!

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