Tuesday, September 13, 2011

His Presence

Generally, my life is the battle between two facts. The first is my knowledge that planning ahead, going to bed early, getting up early, eating well, exercising, doing chores etc. all equal a good, happy, productive life. The second is a husband who loves spontaneity and late nights, my own desires to read, write, create, and explore new things online (yep, that is a fancy way of saying research) spend chill time with my hubs watching movies, and, of course...the occasional computer game...which also equal a happy life. However, combined with work, sleep, etc., these two lifestyles could collectively eat up about 30 to 40 hours a day. Yep. That's not possible.

But you know what? I react differently to this now. I used to get stressed out, frustrated, annoyed, ornery, exhausted... and generally joyless. But my Jesus is so good and so faithful. No matter what I get in, from just listening to a few worship songs to spending legit time reading His Word and journaling what He says to me, my attitude is totally different.

Yes, we do have something or another going on practically every night. Yes, I do work thirty full hours a week. Yes, my husband has back to back 10 and 12 hour days. And yes, it is amazing what spending time in God's presence does.

Take today. Mind you, I didn't get up until like 8 because I was up late last night. I hastily threw some chicken in a crock-pot (score for planning ahead!) and rushed out the door. I only ate half a breakfast. My husband didn't eat a good lunch, which always weighs on me. Oh, did I mention I worked nine and a half hours today, starting at 9:30 AM? Yep. But I spent time with my King this morning, and I'm full of His joy right now.

I challenge you right now--take your relationship with Jesus to the next level. Play one more worship song in the morning than you do now. Read one more verse today than you would. Spend one more minute in prayer. And start expecting the favor I know He will give you.


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