Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jesus Culture Awakening 2011

I'm writing right now from the parking lot of Allstate Arena and let me tell you, Jesus is here!

My husband and I drove down to Chicago yesterday and the moment we entered the parking lot, I've felt the Holy Spirit's presence like a thick joy here. It is incredible. Even from the parking lot volunteers greet you with the most sincere handshakes, smiles, "Praise God!" and "Are you ready for what He's going to do!?" exclamations.

God is moving powerfully. This gathering is nothing like the many other youth conferences and adult conferences I've been to. From the moment you walk in the door you feel Jesus. These people came for a different purpose. They did not come to salve their wounds, or to spend day the first third of the conference "getting right" with Jesus. These people didn't even come to get healed or have their problems solved. These people are here with one purpose--to seek God and give Him glory. They are seeking first the Kingdom of God, and all these things are being added unto them. It is astounding and it has opened Heaven to rain down the love and freedom of Christ!

I have been so impressed and inspired by these faithful people. The biggest thing I've noticed is unashamed worship and adoration. Seeing 30,000 hands raised in praise for entire worship sets is unbelievable. And it hits home with incredible impact when the majority of the time it is unprompted by a leader on stage (though they do that often too!!). On top of these, it happened from day one. Day one, and people are pressing in so hard and Jesus' power is being released in love, hope, and miracles.

I can't wait to share more with you about what our Great and Mighty God is doing in America and the world, starting right here in Chicago! Today has been even more incredible than yesterday. God is moving, building, and this revival is going to be birthed in our nation!

I urge you to tune in tonight at You can watch free from your computer. God is pouring out His power, blessing and authority and you have the opportunity to partake of it with more than 15,000 people tonight! Please, spend your evening tonight with Christ and share with me what He highlights to you!

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bring it on back with you!

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