Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jesus Culture Awakening 2011: Kim Walker-Smith

Kim Walker-Smith kicked off the Awakening 2011 conference in Chicago's Allstate arena with a concise, power-packed message. She shared what has been the theme of her life and what Peter and I have heard in many of her youtube videos (like this one) before hand, but hearing it again was fantastic and challenging.

Fighting for a constant connection with God throughout the week is not only important, but essential. She said we should never live without it. Even if you don't always feel it, you need to know and be aware that His presence is there, and that alone will completely change how you live your life.

 Fighting and pressing into God throughout the week empowers us to experience corporate worship on Sundays that goes above and beyond what we expect or consider "normal" now. Kim is eager for where corporate worship is headed, and is passionately longing for the day when everyone enters their sanctuaries ready to start deep and intimately praising Christ, rather than requiring anything (such as a particular type of song) to get the congregation's focus right.

Kim mentioned that she has had times and seasons where her prayer life felt dry, but she kept on diligently seeking. This truth would keep her going: "Someday I will bear the fruit of this moment." She credits this attitude and discipline for where she is today--an internationally renowned worship leader and songwriter.

Jesus took that phrase even deeper into my heart. I will bear the fruit of EVERY moment someday. I knew this as head knowledge earlier in my life, but it has taken root and I have realized every second I spend I am sowing into my future and reaping from my past. I will reap from the moments I spend in worship, from the time I invest into reading scripture, from the idle moments (ahem...hours) I have spent on Facebook. I will harvest something in my future from the encouragement I give to my friend, from the tip I give my waitress, from the words I say to my husband. I want to be mindful in every moment and be certain I am using every opportunity to bring God glory. Every moment you spend sows into a kingdom, be it Christ's Kingdom, your own, or your enemy's.

Kim Walker-Smith leading worship at Awakening

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